Coloring for Gorgeous Magenta Hair: The Pantone Color of 2023

It's always exciting when Pantone chooses its color of the year, and for 2023, it's Viva Magenta. Few colors lend themselves so naturally to the world of hair and makeup than this beautiful "nuanced crimson red tone," as Pantone describes it.
We're thrilled that stylists at PRAVANA have wasted no time crafting gorgeous looks to show off the distinctive vibrant color.

Here's their first "Viva Magenta how to" from artist  Becky Betts (@The_Blonding_Rebel), PRAVANA'S senior artistic educator. The overall look has a  distinct "Jessica Rabbit" vibe.

Prep the hair with PRAVANA’s Purify & Revive PRIME to diminish any minerals.
Pro Tip: 85% of households have minerals that can cause lighteners to puff and swell.
Pre-lighten using a free-hand open-air balayage technique and PRAVANA Pure Light Ultra Lightener + 3 parts PRAVANA 20 Volume Creme Developer. 
Process up to 55 minutes checking every 5-10 minutes until you reach a Level 7/8.
Shampoo with PRAVANA’s Intense Therapy Cleanse and apply PRAVANA’s Silk Degrees Prep & Treat for 5 minutes.
Rinse and dry the hair completely.
Mix ChromaSilk VIVIDS 60g Red + 60g Wild Orchid + 3g Blue and apply roots to ends.
Pro Tip: Use the “3-Inch Rule” when applying VIVIDS generously in a vertical motion and a horizontal motion to both sides of the hair, reloading your brush every 3 inches.
Process 30 minutes at room temperature.
Rinse with cold water and high water pressure until the water runs clear and apply PRAVANA’s Color Protect Condition.

Product List:
PRAVANA’s Purify & Revive PRIME
PRAVANA’s Pure Light Ultra Lightener
PRAVANA Zero Lift Creme Developer
PRAVANA 10 Volume Creme Developer
PRAVANA ChromaSilk VIVIDS Wild Orchid
PRAVANA Intense Therapy Cleanse
PRAVANA Silk Degrees Prep & Treat
PRAVANA Color Protect Condition