Get the Formula: “Rustic Radiance” with Pravana Vivids

With bold ginger locks trending on red carpets and fashion runways, Pravana Canada Artistic Educator Bx Pfeiffer has created a customizable “Rustic Radiance” tone  for "everyday sass" with the brand's ChromaSilk Vivids line. 

"To achieve the right shade of red, I first make sure I lifted to the correct level," she says. "I would rather have a lighter canvas than one that is too dark.

"Also, am I going for a warm red? I will add yellow or gold to my formula if the hair isn’t already super warm. Am I going for a cooler red? I add violet or blue. If I want super vibrant, I add pink — that makes the red pop like crazy!”

Pravana Rustic Radiance before and after by Bx Pfeiffer

Pravana Product List                        

  • Pure Light Power Lightener             
  • 20 Volume Creme Developer
  • ChromaSilk Vivids Magenta
  • ChromaSilk Vivids Pretty In Pink
  • ChromaSilk Vivids Black Additive
  • ChromaSilk Vivids Yellow
  • ChromaSilk Vivids Orange
  • ChromaSilk Vivids Red 
  • ChromaSilk HydraGloss 5R
  • Zero Lift Creme Developer
  • Intense Therapy Cleanse            
  • Color Protect Cleanse
  • Color Protect Condition

Pro Tips

  1. Work in clean sections
  2. Rinse with cold water to avoid the red bleeding into the lighter shades
  3. Leave the foils in when rinsing the overall color to protect the Vivids slices

Lightening Formula

  • 10g Pravana Pure Light Power Lightener + 30g Pravana 20 Volume Creme Developer

ChromaSilk Vivids Formulas

  • Formula 1 (Dusty Rose):  27g Magenta + 80g Pretty In Pink +  3g Black Additive
  • Formula 2 (Turmeric):  90g Yellow + 10g Orange + 1g Black Additive
  • Formula 3 (Burnt Orange):  5g Red + 75g Orange + 10g Yellow + 1g Black Additive

ChromaSilk HydraGloss Formula

  • 90g HydraGloss 5R + 90g Zero Lift Creme Developer

Application Step-by-Step


Create a 2-3” horizontal section all the way around the head by taking a parting from forehead to nape to first divide the hair in half. Then take two horizontal partings on each side from the parietal ridge to the crown 2-3” apart.

Pravana Rustic Radiance Step 1

Pro Tip: Twist and clip the top section and braid long hair in the bottom section to keep it out of your way.


Pre-lighten the middle section to Level 10 utilizing the Lightening Formula and your favorite global blonding technique, applying the lightener in back-to-back foils with no hair left out in between.

Pravana Rustic Radiance Step 2a

Pro Tip: Take thin sections you can read through to ensure even lightening.

Process up to 55 minutes at room temperature checking every 5 to 10 minutes. Shampoo the hair with Intense Therapy Cleanse and dry the pre-lightened section completely.

Vivids Application

Pre-lighten the middle section to Level 10 using the Lightening Formula and your favorite global blonding technique applying the lightener in back-to-back foils with no hair left out in between. 

Pravana Rustic Radiance Step 3

Alternate applying the three Vivids formulas to the middle section by taking thin horizontal 1” partings and applying roots to ends.

Pro Tip: Keep sections clean by using a barrier method of laying meche sheets over them to maintain separation.

HydraGloss Application

Apply the HydraGloss formula to the bottom section first to the roots, then to the mid-lengths and ends.

Pravana Rustic Radiance Step 4a

Then apply the same formula to the top section from roots to ends.

Pravana Rustic Radiance step 4b

Pro Tip: HydraGloss can be applied to dry or well towel-dried hair.


  • Process 30 minutes at room temperature. 
  • Rinse the HydraGloss sections first, keeping the Vividds section protected by the meche sheets.
  • Cleanse and condition the HydraGloss sections with the Color Protect regimen, leaving the conditioner in.
  • Rinse the Vivids section with cold water and high water pressure until the water runs clear.
  • Apply Color Protect Condition to the Vivids section.
  • Rinse all and style as desired. 
Pravana Rustic Radiance by Bx Pfeiffer
Color Formula & Step-by-Step by Bx Pfeiffer (Pravana)