Seven Shades of Purple Hair by Pravana

Inspired by the digital age, PRAVANA has introduced the Digital Purple Palette, three new cooler tone purple shades from the best-selling ChromaSilk VIVIDS collection for hair levels 8+. This new addition extends PRAVANA’s purple spectrum to a total of seven shades.

The new hues, launching June 1, add modern depth and dimension to PRAVANA’s current purple line up—and mix seamlessly with other VIVIDS shades for customization.

The ChromaSilk VIVIDS Purple line provides long-lasting, rich color with brilliant shine that lasts up to 30 washes.

The complete ChromaSilk VIVIDS Purple shades include: Periwinkle (New), Grape (New), Smokey Violet (New), Luscious Lavender, Violet, Purple Tourmaline and Wild Orchid.


  • Straight out of the tube: VIVIDS Purple can be used straight out of the tube for a quick and easy application
  • Mix with each other: VIVIDS Purple can be mixed with other colors to create a custom shade or layered for endless possibilities
  • Sheerer results: Clear-Dilute and Clear-Pastel can be used to make colors lighter or more pastel
  • Deeper results: Black Additive can be used to create custom shades, deepen and darken existing colors or create a more intense black color


  • Apply to hair and process for 20-30 minutes at room temperature

Pricing & Availability:

$6.60, 3oz/90ml.

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