Amber Lash

Professional Eyelash Supplier

Amber Lash is a global eyelash supply retailer brand based in  New York, with a new branch in S. Korea. The company is actively expanding in Japan and China as well. With the highest quality products and services, we aim to be the best go-to retailer for eyelash extensions and all extension-related products. As we continue to expand, we hope to grow together with our customers through a sincere partnership based on trust, not just profit.

Featured Products

Magic Glue

Amber Lash Magic Glue 10g

Oxygen, Anion, Ozone facial system made in Korea for pre and post AMBER LASH MAGIC GLUE 10ml (Latex/Formaldehyde-FREE)
AmberLash Magic Glue not only maximizes the bonding strength in 2-3 seconds but also keeps fumes very low and non-irritative. 
Amber Lash aims to empower all eyelash extension professionals by providing the best quality products. Amber Lash's safe and mild formula has been fully tested in the USA.

Magic Cream

Amber Lash Magic Cream Remover

This product is made of natural ingredients which are safe, mild and harmless, preventing irritation. The unique and powerful formula of this cream remover will help dissolve any type of lash adhesives in 1 to 2 minutes, making your work easier and quicker. It only requires a small amount of cream remover to dissolve the eyelash extension glue easily and effectively. In addition, the dense of the glue will not easily get into the eyes and is very safe to use and easy to control.

Sharp Lash

Amber Lash Sharp Lash

This products is made from premium quality material and is 100% handmade from our factory. Eyelashes are virtually as weightless as your own eyelashes. Comfortable wear for everyone. MIX Sharp Lash is great quality Eyelash Extension with 20 Rows of Matte Flat Lash with 8mm-15mm length in one tray. These Eyelashes are available in multi-thickness and multi-types of curls you can choose for your convenience. AMBERLASH SHARP LASH only supplies high-quality matte flat lash.


Amber Lash Luxury Primer Pretreatment

Give the absolute highest retention to your clients!
Whether your clients wear makeup or not, their natural lashes will develop a layer of dust, natural oils, and dirt over time. If this isn’t cleaned before applying extensions, the adhesive bonds weakens and results in the extension shedding early.
Lash Shampoo & Cleaners helps to remove large amount impurities, but pre-treating is a final, essential step ensuring the glue bond will be strong as it can be!