Now the founder of a lifestyle and content company, Brown is getting real about what it takes to survive the pandemic as a business.

When everybody's got the same thing on their minds, it can make maintaining positive energy, day after day, client after client, nearly impossible.

The salon co-owners give the scoop on what went down the day of reopening STARRING and why, after citations, they are choosing to remain open.

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These hand sanitizers might just make you forget (for a second) about why you’re sanitizing in the first place.

In solidarity with salon owners across California, Ted Gibson and Jason Backe are reopening their LA salon, STARRING by Ted Gibson.

Marco Pelusi shares how he is handling being back at work in the salon, despite it being a jarring experience.

Newsom is permitting hair salons, barbershops, nail salons, massage parlors and other beauty services to move their services outdoors.

Performing outdoor services currently violates the California State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology guidelines, but stylists are petitioning to cha

As COVID-19 numbers continue to rise across the country, many states are either slowing down or rolling back their reopening phases.

Ted GIbson and Jason Backe are learning that their atypical salon model was crafted to thrive, even under the current COVID-19 restrictions.