8 Beauty Pros Who Use Social Media to Their Advantage

Currie Hair, Skin & Nails in Glen Mills, PA

Take a cue from these renowned salon pros, who expertly use social media as a bottom-line booster.

Randy Currie, Owner, Currie Hair, Skin & Nails (@curriehair)
“We’ve seen that posts that describe or highlight particular services encourage guests to click the link to our website, particularly with advanced skincare services that we offer. Giving guests a glimpse entices them to want to know more, which is why having an informative and modern website is also essential. Guests are using social media to find service providers who offer unique services, and we’ve found that they’re willing to travel for someone they believe in, driving from up to two states away to see a particular service provider. For max exposure, we always use our hashtag, #curriehair. Using geographical hashtags to highlight your location is always effective as well, such as #wilmingtonde or #westchesterpa.”

Frank Arcabascio, Owner, Redken Saloon (@redkensaloon)
“Get involved with community groups and host benefits. We’ve done fundraising for the American Cancer Society, Sharing and Caring and QSAC [Quality Services for the Autism Community]. Posting about it to social media and reposting content from large organizations has helped get us amazing exposure.”
George Papanikolas, Celebrity Stylist, Andy Lecompte, Rita Hazan, Atma Beauty, Belle Femme Dubai, Maison21, Purple Patchouli (@georgepapanikolas)
“Treat the social media platforms like your resume, and showcase your best work. You want your followers to turn into dollars. Sharing behind the scenes, formulas and live feeds gives your audience a reason to follow you and continue to follow you. Also, don’t be afraid to pay to play. Boosting your post helps create more impressions/engagement. Budget for that and measure the return. Even if you get one more client in the chair, the cost of the service more than likely covers that cost.”

Danielle Keasling, Owner, Salon Karma (@salonkarmasc)
“We try to keep things light and fun, so for summer we do a Get Your Bold Balayage Back offer and post about it on social. That gets people calling. You can’t run those promotions too long! Make sure you have a strong call to action. It’s a great way to present a stylist who isn’t busy. Make sure you are clear on the length of the promo, whether it’s for a day or week long.”

Michael  Albor, Owner, The Loft Salon (@loftsalonboston)
“I believe in putting out what you want to attract. We have a handful of stylists that are breaking into the world of high-fashion haircolor. The more we post it, the more we see coming through the door. Most of all, it comes down to the picture. We are selective about what we post because we only want to showcase our best work. If the beauty of our work isn’t captured the way we want, we won’t post it. I would rather post less often, if I don’t have the material I need.”

J. Joseph Salon in Tampa Bay, FL

Rodney Cutler, Owner, Cutler Salons (@cutlersalon)
“We keep things pretty natural in terms of what content we post and when. The most important factor is frequency and consistency—we aim to post twice a day every day, one in the morning and once in the evening. Also, fashion week is a big moment for our brand. Translating that into content for social media, and posting wearable, but still inspirational hair drives clients into our chairs and is what they often use for references during their consultations.”

Constance Robbins, Owner, Constance Robbins Studio (@constancerobbins)
“Teaching your stylists how to take gorgeous photos of their work, and giving them the tools, will only make your salon look better. Designated photo areas, proper lighting, social media education and having a dedicated salon camera will set your team’s photos apart. It’s good to experiment with different content to see what works for you. If you’re getting bored of your page, switch things up. What matters in the end is that you’re getting more exposure for your business (for free!) and social media has opened up an avenue of advertising that has elevated our industry over the past few years. At the end of the day, these apps are great to make connections and be social with our communities. After all, clients in the chair are worth more than thousands of empty followers.”

Roy Naccour, Owner, J. Joseph Salon (@jjosephsalon)
“To stand out, I believe you should do things a bit differently from the masses. For example, most Instagram users post pictures only. We love doing video makeovers, showing a before and after, with education and an explanation on how it was achieved. Also, always credit your posts. Give your team credit for the awesome photos you repost to your salon’s social media, and give your guests credit for allowing you to share pictures of their finished look.” 

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