The Importance of Brand Building on Social Media

In March 2016, Matrix Educator Constance Robbins (@constancerobbins) stepped in front of the camera for the first time and was dubbed “One to Watch” in our Hair Stories video series. More than a year and 23,000-plus followers later, Robbins is a powerhouse. Here, she talks about turning followers into clients, being a Matrix educator and the importance of social media.

Q How has social media increased your clientele in the salon?

A I have always had a steady and loyal clientele, but Instagram took my business to the next level. I now fill my days with hair that gets me super excited and inspired to go to the salon rather than doing mostly touch ups and maintenance appointments. I post the type of clients I want to attract. My chair is filled with my ideal clientele—clients who want balayage or dimensional fashion colors and are willing to invest in their hair, like redheads. Every day in the salon feels like playtime and I love it!

Q Why do you think social media is so important?
Social connects us. It creates a direct line to your mentors, your peers and the people who can recognize and celebrate your talent. Before I go to a restaurant I check out their Yelp or Instagram to see what they’re all about, and it’s no different for us hairdressers. The first question now when talking about a stylist isn’t “What’s their website? Where do they work?” The new question is “What is their Instagram account?” Someone’s entire portfolio is just a few clicks away.

Q What’s your top advice for anyone trying to build a brand on social media?

A Building a brand on social media is going to be different for everyone. While I think it’s good to gather inspiration from your peers, you want to find what makes you unique and special. There is something that you bring to the table that no one else does. Do some soul-searching and discover what that is. Don’t be afraid to reinvent yourself constantly and don’t be afraid to be different. I became known for my reds in a world where everyone wanted blonde balayage. I specialized in long hair when people loved undercuts and pixies. If you’re filling your chair with the hair that inspires you, in my opinion, you have found success.

Q What is your greatest takeaway from being a Matrix educator?
Matrix will always have a special place in my heart. I became an educator for them at 19 years old, six months into earning my cosmetology license. So you could say I’ve grown up with the brand. The experiences, education and artists I have worked with have been a stylist’s dream. They have taught me how to be confident in what I do and celebrate what makes me who I am. Matrix has always been about the heart, and for anyone who has ever experienced it, “there ain’t no party like a Matrix party!”

Q What is your top social media tip?

A For me, the best tip is to be consistent. I have found that it is so important to create a schedule for you to make posting easy. Eventually it will become part of your daily routine. My clients have come to expect the before-and-after photos. If I somehow forget to photograph them, they remind me that it’s time for their photo shoot.

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