10 Tips for a Successful Livestream

(Getty Images)

While salons were closed due to the pandemic, many brands and stylists turned to online education to keep people engaged. Although most states have reopened their salons, livestreams are still increasingly popular. Whether it’s teaching new techniques to fellow hairdressers, or coaching clients through some at-home maintenance, be sure to succeed with these tips fromOlivia Garden educator Ambrosia Carey

1. Make sure you set up your stream with good lighting, my suggestion is at a window with indirect lighting (light is not shining directly on you).

2. Get a tripod, preferably with a suction cup to place on your window like this one from Amazon


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3. Get your audience engaged! Run a poll, write a post, ask a question. This allows you time to prepare common questions that may come up as well as spreading awareness.

4. Do your homework. If you have a specific topic you’re covering, spend a little time researching points that support your topic.

5. Practice makes permanent! If you’re shy in front of the camera, practice recording yourself & watch back. (Side note: This is a perfect way to gather content to edit as well!)

6. Speak to who you’re helping. Often when I coach hairstylists, the most common topic is “getting out of your own way”. Our minds play crazy tricks & it’s easy to focus on things that won’t help us. Engage with those who are tuning in & make it about THEM.

7. Put your best face forward. Do your hair & makeup, wear something that makes you feel confident and give yourself plenty of time to set up so you feel prepared.

8. Before you stream, reach out to your peeps! If you have a couple of friends, tell them when you’re going on & ask them to tune in.

9. Speak as if you’re on speaker phone. Slow down, speak up, and pause to read what others are saying.

10. Be YOU! I know this may seem obvious, but the more raw & real you allow yourself to be, the more comforting & engaging it feels. Laugh, talk candidly, and it’s ok to make mistakes...it just makes you more relatable!