3-Part Technique for a Bouncy Blowout

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Marie Cain (@mim_i_am) is an expert when it comes to achieving bouncy blowouts. She considers three things when styling: direction, product, and what to do with the brush and power tool. The Aussie stylist shared her go-to 3-part technique during the Redken Virtual Symposium. Take notes!

Step 1: Sectioning

Section hair with creaseless clips (in true Aussie form, Cain prefers to call these "surfboards")

Section 1: Triangle section, over top of parting evenly

Section 2: Sides, following shape of head (crest shape)

Section 3: Triangle on top that mirrors the front triangle and sits over top of crown

Section 4: The awkward diagonal top sections that remain

Section 5: Back of head – wrap from the ears to the middle of the head and split in half


Step 2: Blow-Drying and Styling

Work with sections 1 and 2, and leave the back of the hair alone. Prep and prime hair using Rootful 06 for grip and texture and Fashion Waves 07.

  1. First focus on the moneypiece front section. Using a blow-dryer, with the nozzle on, and a brush, directionally blow-dry hair over the face, forward, and then blast side to side. Going side to side helps diffuse the growth patterns of the hair.
  2. Split section 2 in half, repeat. Take the brush over top, slide down to midlengths, and then turn the brush, gliding through to the ends.
  3. Take the other half of section 2, repeat, turning the brush the opposite way. Repeat until dry. Hot Tip: Use your thumb and pointer finger to fluff hair and let it aerate. This allows some of the heat to escape and encourages more volume.
  4. On the side sections, brush hair on top, overdirect forward, glide the brush down, turn at the midlengths and glide through to the ends.
  5. Use a Marcel iron on low heat to gloss over the hair. Pick out sections and repeat the technique you used with the brush. Have the round of the tong sit on top, glide it down with loose tension, close the clamp lightly at midlengths, turn it and tap it through to the ends.

Step 3: Finishing

  1. Use Wind Blown 05 underneath the waves to aerate the blowout.
  2. Take a wide-toothed comb with a long tail. Hold it like a pencil and using the tail end, draw down the scalp and through hair. This is a good way to break up hair that looks too polished, but without fluffing it.