4 Tips for Defining Natural Curls, According to a Professional

photo via Getty Images

If your curly-haired clients are looking to enhance their day-to-day style while staying natural, knowing how to define their curls is an important step in the process. Naeemah LaFond, editorial stylist, global artistic director for Amika, and mom to an adorable little girl named Milah, shared a video defining her daughter's curls a few weeks back. Of course, we had to ask her to walk us through her process and pick her brain for a few tips. Here's what she shared: 

1. When defining curls, I like to combine amika’s Curl Corps Enhancing Gel with Curl Corps Defining Cream to damp hair in small sections. Next, I gently brush through the section with a detangling brush to remove any knots, and then run my fingers through the section in a stroking closed-fist motion. 

2. I approach curls differently depending on the final look I want. For example, if you want a more deeply defined curl you would use more of your curl defining product as you detangle, and when you need a more fluffy and textured finish and you would use less or no curl defining product. Hair is hair no matter your age, and should always be handled with care no matter what the goal is.


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3. I love to cocktail amika Curl Corps Defining Cream and Curl Corp Enhancing Gel for a great balance between hold, definition, and moisture. 

4. When drying curls, it’s best to not separate or tug on the curls until they are fully dry—the less the curls are disrupted the more amazing they will look once dry.