9 Steps for an Easy Summer Updo

(Nine Zero One)

Shaylee Blatz, senior stylist at LA's Nine Zero One salon, created an easy tutorial for a cute, summer hairstyle that can take you from the beach (or couch) to a night in (or out, if we're lucky) with friends! 

Here's how: 

1. Spray Magic Myst to air-dried hair to give some texture. Or use air-dried beach hair!


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2. Clip up top horseshoe section and separate hair in front of the ear. 

3. Twist back section until you reach the end.

4. Wrap into a low bun.

5. Secure with French Pin by Kristin Ess.

6. Let down top section and add in hair from sides. Pull pieces you want to keep out in front.

7. Twist top section upward to the ends while pulling up hair on top for added volume.

8. Wrap into a bun like the previous section and secure with 2nd French Pin.

9. Spread the buns! Don't worry if it's messy, it's supposed to be. Spray Magic Mist for extra texture!