A 6-Step Blowout Service Your Clients Will Love

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For many clients, a blowout is the best part about a trip to the salon. Sure, a fresh cut or color is nice, too, but who doesn't love to leave the salon with hair they don't have to wash or style themselves?

During the winter months especially, I like to offer a deep conditioning treatment with my blowout services. To start the service, I brush through the hair to detangle and massage the scalp, then I shampoo with Kenra Clarifying Shampoo to cleanse the scalp of any products or oils. Once the hair is prepped, I start the Olaplex deep conditioning treatment by shampooing with Olaplex 4. I then add in Olaplex 3 for 10 minutes, rinse, and add Olaplex 5 before the final rinse. Once the hair is towel dried, I add in the Olaplex 6 leave in treatment and Kenra Blowout Spray. Setting up your clients' hair with the right products is key! Once you are ready to blow-dry you will want to decide if you want to have a smooth, sleek blowout or a voluminous, curly blowout. Here, I'll walk you through the voluminous blowout.

I like using a two-inch round brush for mostly all my blowout styles— the smaller the size the better tension you will have in the hair. First, I start by blow-drying the hair in all different directions to get natural volume at the root. I really focus on the new growth area to ensure it's not frizzy. Once the hair is about 90 percent dry, I start sectioning out the hair into four sections to smooth and curl it. I use the round brush as I would a curling iron and let the brush sit in the hair while I work on the other parts of the head. This helps to add volume and set the curl to make it last longer. As I go through each section, I make sure that I let one brush sit while I work with the other brush so each curl sits as long as the first one. I like to curl each section in a different direction to give the look of big bouncy curls instead of bunched up waves. Once completed, I spray Kenra Finishing Spray to give a nice ,soft hold and calm any flyaways.


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During the colder months, women tend to get a little lazy when it comes to shampooing and styling their own hair. With that being said, now is a great time to offer deep-conditioning treatments with a blowout for a quick and easy service. The one-hour service is a great way to maintain healthy hair for your client, and is something that can be offered weekly to boost your revenue.