Attend Virtual Classes with Top Beauty Pros for a Good Cause

(Beauty Bash)

Support Creatives, a beauty nonprofit dedicated to providing artists in the beauty industry with resources and proper support systems, is hosting its first Holiday Beauty Bash fundraiser. The virtual event, taking place from December 7 to 17, will feature 20 top hair and makeup artists who will present live education.

Headliners and familiar faces include industry leaders such as Danessa Myricks, Bobbi Brown, Sir John, Richy Kandasamy, Andrew Carruthers, James Molloy, Leah Carmichael and more. Topics will range from The Ultimate "Holidays From Home" Tutorial with Bobbi Brown, The Gucci Glow with Gucci Westman, Lights and Shadows with Sir John, Beauty & The Business led by Mila Thomas, and 90s Beauty with James Molloy.

The event supports artists, industry professionals and beauty lovers across the globe who are in need. Funds raised will be used to advance educational and beauty-based programs, while also offering financial assistance to those affected by COVID-19. 

For the full list of classes and more info on how to attend, click here.