Bottleneck Bangs: How to Create the New Trending Haircut

Mike Karg, renowned hairstylist and the man behind a popular namesake line of shears and products, is a pro when it comes to dry haircutting. Here, he shares four steps to create the latest trending fringe: bottleneck bangs.

Anyone with a few hairs on their head has asked themselves the million dollar question: fringe or no fringe? Sure, your hair will grow back so any miscut will be old news after a few months, but getting a fringe cut is nerve-wracking—until bottleneck bangs entered the game. The subtler sister of curtain bangs, which can already be found on Instagram and on celebs, is the perfect transitional cut for those who don't want to commit. 

The term suggests that the shape resembles the silhouette of a bottleneck. Think of the trend as a mix of straight bangs and curtain bangs. In the middle are shorter strands worn parted, ending around the brows and gently transitioning into longer, tapered sections. Bottleneck bangs allow for a subtle framing of the face with little maintenance.

Here's how to create the cut:

  1. Tryingly section (take hairline and texture under consideration) and comb the center straight down. Hold the hair in your fingers and cut just above the nose bridge using the KARG Shear K-Soft Cut 6.1”.
  2. Take the hair from the right and adjust to gradually longer lengths, repeating on the other side.
  3. Using the new K-23 EuroSlide 6.0, eliminate weight by horizontally holding the hair in your fingers about 1-inch in (this is way you leave them a dab longer).
  4. Do the same on the left and right sides, thinning the bangs to make them melt across the face.

For more education from Mike Karg, head to the IBS New York Show

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Mike Karg is recognized as one of the most well-known dry-cutting pioneers today, and is a passionate hairstylist, scissor designer and manufacturer, hair products inventor, and educator. 

The New-York born Swiss hairstylist has cut the hair for Hollywood legends, musicians and many other celebs. He’s the main cutter for top haircolorist Michale Canale, where he sees clients in Washington, D.C., Beverly Hills and the Pacific Palisades. Karg loves to work on clients and currently works in nine salons across the U.S. and Switzerland, as well doing shows and exhibits with his companies across the globe. 

In 1999 he founded KARG Inc. New York and KARG Hairstyling and Products Switzerland. He now counts 30-plus shears in his portfolio.