This Brush Is the Secret to a Seamless Blowout

Getty Images(9 row brush)

The 9-Row Brush is probably the most misunderstood brush in the bunch, yet it's ideal for controlling root direction with serious precision, creating multiple levels of volume and beautiful, silky, smooth surfaces, says Jesse Linares, Sam Villa ArTeam member.

“No brush is made without a specific purpose, and the 9-Row can be extremely helpful behind the chair because it allows you to get better control over the root area on any length of hair while imparting polish and shine,” he adds.

Here are his top tips for how to use the tool:


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Controlling Volume: When trying to collapse volume under the occipital bone of a bob, many use a round brush, but the perimeter has to travel a long way to create enough tension to generate shine without volume.  A 9-Row Brush can easily get in there with the first couple rows of bristles to rotate the section down with tension. Chase it with a dryer and you've got a smooth, controlled silhouette.

Creating Volume: Again, a round brush might be the first thought. The smaller the brush, the quicker hair turns around, giving better lift. Yet, the 9-Row Brush works the same way, depending on which bristles are used.

  • Maximum – Pick up hair using the first two rows, hair will folder over and when carried with heat will give a sharper turn all the way down the hair strand with a little more lift off the crown. It's advantageous because there is total control over the root area with less stress on the shoulders needed to rotate a round brush.
  • Relaxed – Use the entire brush to grab hair with the end of the bristles. Note that there is still a quick turn in the brush, but hair has to travel farther before that change is being affected. It creates a nice stretch when working with longer hair and delivers polish and shine down the entire hair strand.

Watch Linares put the brush to work and achieve blowout goals.