Color How-To: Brunette to Bronde

No client, no problem. Quarantine is the perfect time to practice a drastic color transformation on that mannequin head you have laying around. Tara Modelowitz, a stylist at the Salon + Spa Studios in Tracy, California, turned her mannequin Valerie from a dark brunette to a beachy bronde using Redken. Here, she shares her formula:

1. Pre-tone with (1oz) Shades EQ Gloss 09G Vanilla Crème + (0.25oz) 09N Café au Lait + (0.25oz) 09V Platinum Ice⁣

2️. Create her rootshadow with 05N Walnut + 05NW Macchiato in equal parts⁣


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3. Gloss with (1oz) 09P Opal Glow + (0.25oz) 09T Chrome + (0.25oz) 09GI Hamptons⁣

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