Cutting How-To: The Halo

The Halo is a series of circular sections which allows the perimeter area to be worked on separately, or to be disconnected from the interior. It's the perfect sectioning technique to cut visually and allows you to see the complete outline shape build up with softness, says Cos Sakkas, head of education and international artistic director for Toni & Guy. 

“The haircut demonstrates the versatility of technique within the Halo sectioning," Sakkas says. "The geometric lines and strong build-up of graduation through the profile contrasts the softer interior and fringe areas. The inspiration stems from the trend of raw hair cutting to create a street-cast vibe that is promoting individuality.”

Below, find out how to create the chic haircut.

Step-by-steps (starting top left to right, then bottom left to right)
  1. After sectioning, take a diagonal section at the back and cut using the classic graduation technique, decreasing in length, elevation controlled to build up weight.
  2. Once balanced, diagonal sections are continued up toward the top of the first section. The elevation is gradually lowered and checked to create a consistent build up of weight.
  3. At the front lower halo section, a strong graphic line is created that disconnects from the fringe and back graduation. A diagonal back section is taken and a guideline created. Sections are then directed down at a low elevation and repeated on the opposite side.
  4. At the center halo section, curved diagonal sections are worked through both sides. The hair is directed down to the original guideline to continue the build up of weigh—precision is key. This is worked up to the top of the halo section until the last section is reached. This will then be continued through into the upper side halo section.
  5. Through the top, a loose freehand approach is taken, allowing a disconnection from the structured underneath. From a profile section, a line is point-cut working longer towards the front. Sections are directed to this building up length that will give optional length within the personalizing.
  6. The fringe area is then cut freehand using the slicing technique, eliminating weight and length. This is worked to individual requirements, before slicing through the disconnections creating a proportion of balance within the shape. Apply styling product and blow-dry.

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