Educator Spotlight: Christina Carlsson, Undone-Texture Expert

Courtesy @gigihadid Instagram

Christina Carlsson, Amika lead educator and platform artist, is a master of texture and the undone, model-off-duty look. We catch up with the beauty pro ahead of her session at virtual educational event Back to Beauty on January 25. Sign up here to take her class!


Best professional advice you ever received: "Trust your power.” It’s so easy to lose your vision to doubt and insecurity. Be honest with yourself about what you want in your career, make a realistic plan to get there and trust your ability to make it happen.


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Best tip for becoming a better learner: Go into learning with a clean slate—don’t get hung up on your expectations, don’t compare yourself with others in the class, don’t put your defense walls up or waste your time being hypercritical. Be present, be open and be ready to take a whole lotta notes.

Favorite quote: A sweet friend of mine says, "I am a very special speck of dust," and I've always loved that lens on life—that we are all unique and sparkly, capable of such cool things alone and at the exact same time, we are a small part of forces much bigger than ourselves.

One thing every beauty pro needs: Every beauty pro should have a creative channel to switch on when they need it, a designated time and space to experiment with their craft and get a little weird. Learn a new braid on YouTube, try a different color placement on a mannequin head, schedule a friend to be your vintage updo hair model, throw a little glitter on something and see what happens. We have the unique experience of working in an industry that celebrates taking creative risks and we deserve to explore that side of our career outside of our daily salon routine. It can honestly change your whole professional energy in a very powerful and definitely not boring way! 

What you hope pros will take away from your class: I hope that folks attending my class will feel re-inspired on some level after this really difficult year we’ve all had. It definitely felt like the perfect time to sneak preview our newest texture class and greet 2021 with some very cool new techniques.


Register for Un.Done-Texture-Building with Christina Carlsson for Amika

Contrary to the untrained eye, the model-off-duty effortless look isn’t as effortless as it seems. A variety of texture building techniques are used to create the natural shapes and lasting organic volume for those perfectly imperfect sexy hair pics flooding your timelines. This course focuses on building texture with setting techniques for looks ranging from the loosest waves to the tiniest coils. We’ll cover the steps used in our advanced iron work methods and proper product placement techniques for all hair types.

Christina Carlsson


With over a decade of experience in the beauty industry, published hair stylist and make up artist Christina Carlsson a highly creative vision, technical expertise, and eclectic experience from print and television in LA, to runway and stage in NYC, to her community in the Pacific Northwest. In addition to being an amika Lead Pro Educator and Platform Artist, Christina owns Marquee Salon in Vancouver, WA.