Educator Spotlight: Zan Ray & Tom Collins' Secret to Salon Success

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Looking for a business and confidence boost? Check out Zan Ray and Tom Collins' empowering Back to Beauty virtual session on how to raise your prices, and do it fearlessly. First, meet the power couple!

Best professional advice you ever received: Know your numbers, and keep it simple.

Best tip for being a better learner: Have an open mind, always.


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Favorite quote: Educator Spotlight: Zan Ray & Tom Collin's Secret to Salon Success "On matters of style, swim with the current, on matters of principle, stand like a rock.” We work toward this daily: "Be adaptable while being uncompromising as applying universal truths."

One thing every beauty pro needs: To know their “why.”

What you hope attendees will take away from your class: Greater confidence in their professional and personal value


Watch Why You are Worth Raising Your Prices with Zan Ray & Tom Collins of Elevating My Business here

What supports your SELF-WORTH as a beauty industry professional? This session will explore some of the factors that influence and build your SELF-WORTH including: self exploration and discovery, finding your REAL WHY for being a beauty professional, awareness of your limiting beliefs, replacing those limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs that enhance your SELF-WORTH, and empowering practices that continue to build your SELF-WORTH.

Zan Ray and Tom Collins


Zan Ray and Tom Collins started Elevating My Business to help salon owners, hairdressers, and small business owners decrease their expenses and increase their PROFIT. As a former hairdresser and salon owner, Zan understands the overwhelm and pressure of the industry. As a former Financial Consultant, Tom understands the extreme importance of knowing and tracking your business numbers. Together they are the #POWERCOUPLE that can take you and your business to the NEXT LEVEL.