Get the Look: Kate Hudson's Red Carpet Waves

Giannandrea, renowned celebrity stylist and creative director of Hair Prescriptives, styled Kate Hudson at the 2021 Venice Film Festival with a look he calls “Bohemian Rapsody." The loose, effortless waves cascaded gorgeously past the shoulders while framing Hudson’s face. Here, he shares how to get this look:

  1. Wash hair with Hair Prescriptives Stimulating Shampoo and Enriching Conditioner to provide hydration and to make hair manageable while imparting volume. Next, section damp hair into a middle part and begin to towel-dry the hair while brushing it downward with a wide-tooth comb to prepare for styling.
  2. Start by blow-drying hair with a large round brush in large sections to create an ample blowout—starting from the nape area and moving to the top.
  3. Take a 1½-inch round Marcel iron, starting from the crown area, and create mid-section waves. All the sections should be 1-inch in size. Work in a long, flat and round technique around the iron for alternating pattern to make hair more natural looking.
  4. After waving each section, stretch the sections to let the length of the hair relax in a downward wave. Pro-Tip: Make sure to use the face as your guide as the waves should fall accordingly to the face shape. Use the cheekbones as a guideline for how the front part should flow.
  5. Once the whole head is waved, take a dime-size amount of Hair Prescriptives Daily Nourishing Styling Cream and run it only from mid-length to ends with your fingers. Pro-Tip: use only your fingers, no tools, combs or brushes, for this part.
  6. After achieving the desired look, take a small amount of Hair Prescriptives Glamorous Glossing Serum in your hands and run it only in the ends of the hair for added shine.

“This style is all about a modern bohemian vibe," he adds. "The top part of the hair is to remain dry while the mid-length to ends showcases a more semi-moist texture using the HPx gloss to finish. Calibrating this part is essential to the overall result of this effortless contemporary red-carpet look."