How to Highlight Using the Round of the Head

Marco Pelusi, haircolorist and salon owner of a namesake salon in West Hollywood, CA, demonstrates his technique for applying highlights using the round of the head. Watch and learn!


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The Highlighting Strategy That Works for Everyone

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June 25 - 27, 2022



Marco Pelusi is globally recognized as a Haircolor Authority and Celebrity Haircolorist. Early in his career, he became a top Educator at one of the world’s leading Italian haircolor companies. In 2005, he opened Marco Pelusi Hair Studio in West Hollywood on Robertson. Marco’s luxurious salon is the premier retailer of the Marco® Collagen Color Guard® HairCare System. Marco can be seen regularly at his appearances at the Beauty Shows. He also appears regularly on TV as a haircolor makeover expert on FOX, Hallmark Channel and KTLA.