How to Care for and Style Extensions at Home

Getty Images(bellami)

Clip-in extensions are a quick and easy way to add extra oomph to your hair, give it some texture, or frame the face. Typically, extensions should be cared for and cut in the salon, but while some salons are closed, here are a few guidelines from BELLAMI’s Head of Education Kat Lewis to get you by:

Here, she demos how you can clip in and cut your extensions at home. (Consider FaceTiming you stylists for this part!)

Maintaining Clip-In Extensions:

Wash your clip-ins as often as needed throughout the week.

  • Use products specifically formulated for extensions
  • Detangle before washing. Saturate the hair with water before adding shampoo, this helps the hair better absorb the cleanser.
  • Use the bubble bath method. Dunk your extensions in a sink of shampoo mixed with water to prevent tangling while cleansing. 
  • Avoid excessive rubbing. Massage the hair with a cleanser and work in sections.
  • Try to avoid blow-drying your extensions and allow hair to air dry.

Styling Clip-In Extensions:

When applying clip-ins, tease the root of your natural hair slightly to prevent the clips from slipping, especially if you just washed your hair.

The less heat you use when styling, the better, and always make sure to use a heat spray or protectant. Beach waves or curls are an easy go-to and their dimension and volume help transition any differences in length and hide any rogue wefts. 

Clip-ins can also be used to add volume and length to your ponytail. Use a few of the smaller wefts (one to three clips at the top) to pump up your pony. Check out how to do this below.

Storing Clip-In Extensions:

The best way to store clip-ins is to hang them. This helps maintain the style and keeps the hair from tangling or frizzing.