How-To: Ice Cream Drip Nails


Celebrity nail artist Jin Soon Choi shares her technique for achieving the perfect summer nail look, inspired by a favorite treat: ice cream!


Step 1. Apply Power Coat Base Coat.

Step 2. Apply 2 coats of Pinky over the entire nail. 

Step 3. Using your flavor color of choice (such as Love, used here) draw an irregular wave on the nails. These can be nonuniform, like a real ice cream drip.

Step 4. To create drips, use a dotting tool and place a dot where you want the rounded bottom of the drip to land. Then using the edge of the nail polish brush and connect the dot to the wave.

Step 5. Once the drips have dried, dab a topper like Fab or Dotty overtop to create instant sprinkles.

Step 6. Wait for the nail art to dry as much as possible before applying Top Gloss or HyperGloss top coat.