How to Recreate Meg Thee Stallion's Hair from 'WAP' Music Video

photos via YouTube(Guy Tang x Meg Thee Stallion)

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion didn't leave much to the imagination in the music video for their wild end-of-summer anthem, 'WAP.' In true rap phenom fashion, the duo made the video that much better with iconic beauty looks that perfectly matched each scene. Did you expect anything less?

Guy Tang and Kellon Deryck were the masterminds behind two of Megan's video looks, including her waist-length tiger striped hair and her lavender lob. Here, Tang shares how he achieved the colors before Deryck added his styling touches. 

Tiger Stripes

Roots: Dark Shadows

Mids-Ends: Demi-Permanent 10SS for the lighter areas and Dark Shadows for the stripes.

Lavender Lob

Roots: Charcoal + Purple Raven Direct Dyes

Mids-Ends: Alternate colormelt with Mint of Steel, Charcoal and Purple Raven Direct Dyes.