How to Restore Curl Pattern After Damage

photo via Getty Images/GlobalStock(Global Stock/Getty Images)

For curly girls, maintaining curl pattern can be a big enough challenge on its own, but restoring that curl pattern after damage can be even more daunting. Heat, chemicals and certain products can not only wreak havoc on curls, but also cause them to lose the springy texture we know and love after a period of time. So, how do you restore that pattern for your clients if they feel like they've reached the point of no return? Here, celebrity hairstylist Ben Skervin shares two quick tips that will bring your clients' hair back to life. 

1. Schedule regular dusting appointments

Cutting hair without compromising length is largely important, according to Skervin. "Make sure you're only dusting, though," he says. "Some clients will ask for a dusting and then leave the salon with a few inches taken off." Dusting appointments every six to eight weeks will remove the thinning or uneven parts of hair, ultimately preventing the risk of further damage.

2. Using in-salon treatments and at-home treatments 

One of the most important parts of restoring a clients' natural curl pattern is rebuilding the health of the hair from the ground up. First, educate your client on the importance of good products for their particular hair type and then implement those specific products. Skervin recommends the new For the Love of Curls collection by Lee Stafford—a 10-piece set designed for waves, curls and coils from 2A to 4C. 

For deeper damage, Skervin recommends Lee Stafford's Hair Apology collection—an intensive repair collection that works to restore fragile, brittle and processed hair. This collection includes a shampoo, conditioner, treatment spray and intensive care treatment that your client can use on a weekly basis at home.