Mizani Launches The Texpert Academy to Teach Texture Education

(Mizani Texpert Academy)

In light of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, the list of discrepancies in the beauty industry has become incredibly apparent. In addition to shedding light on the lack of representation and diversity in the industry, many artists have also drawn attention to the gap in cosmetology education, citing that many schools offer little to no education on working with textured hair. 

Designed to fill that gap, Mizani recently announced the launch of the Mizani Texpert Academy. The Mizani Texpert Academy is a one-stop professional education destination where artists can go to accrue the building blocks, services and texture EQ needed to become an expert in all things textured hair.  

Recognizing that 65 percent of consumers have textured hair, the Mizani Texpert Academy's mission is to create a comprehensive and accessible digital texture curriculum that ensures salons and professionals are equipped to take on any texture that walks through their doors. 


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The Academy, comprised of Mizani's leading Texpert Squad—Jamal Edmonds, Tippi Shorter, Evie Johnson, Ashley Brown, Jada Jenkins, Al Campbell, Kauilani Goodwyn and Tiffany Green—offers a well-rounded menu of courses that are grounded in the fundamentals of textured hair, services offered in the salon and how to address texture in the editorial landscape. 

Some first-to-market offerings in the Academy include, Texture 411: Fundamentals, a comprehensive introduction course on texture basics; The Language of Texture, a course that dives into the importance of language and specific usage when dealing with a guest in your chair; The Mizani Aircut, a wave, curl and coil cutting class that blends together the science of texture with innovative techniques; and Color and Texture in Motion, a course that outlines how to finish textured hair and color work together in tandem. 

Check out the Mizani Texpert Academy and reserve your spot today.