Hotheads Hair Extensions Debuts Premium Sew-In Weft Collection

Hotheads Hair Extensions has announced the debut of its Premium Sew-In Weft Collection under a new quality assurance program. Undergoing intensive quality testing, the Premium Sew-In Weft Collection, promising 100 percent Premium Virgin Remy Human Hair, now includes their Hand Tied and Machine Weft.

The brand has also updated its packaging as part of its new quality assurance measures. Packaged in 100 percent recyclable materials, the Premium Sew-In Weft Collection provides an alternative to stylists concerned about the waste produced by the beauty industry. 

Of these updates, Hotheads Premium Sew-In Weft Ambassador, Jesse Marriott, said, “The assurance of quality from Hotheads is part and parcel of the brand's very existence. This new Premium Sew-In Weft Collection is the beginning of necessary change in the hair extension industry and to see that spark come from Hotheads is exactly why I’m so honored to be part of their education team.” 

“As a leader in the industry, it is imperative that we continue to put the quality of our products above all else,” said Hotheads Vice President, Lindsay Rumpel. “Finding the best way to serve our customers and their clients requires the ability to constantly evolve, and the updated Premium Sew-In Weft Collection reflects that from process to packaging.”

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