The Kacey Welch Method Debuts Luxury Silk Weft Sew-In Collection

Luxury hair extensions brand The Kacey Welch Method has launched the Silk Weft Sew-Ins Collection, available to all licensed cosmetologists. Debuting in their signature six colorways (Goodnight Tokyo, Roman Holiday, Manhattan Twist, Parisian Sunset, Berlin Blonde and London Calling), the Silk Wefts will be priced between $250 – $550 and "are the highest quality Remy hair available" in the following lengths: 16’, 20” and 26’, says the company.

Wefted extensions are a type of extension which has been sewn to create a small bundle. The hair is then fed a machine to reinforce the stitch near the root of each individual hair on the head, providing a seamless look.

The Kacey Welch Method is a two-step technique for the sew-in Silk Wefts offered exclusively to licensed professionals through a masterclass. Up until now, the luxury Silk Wefts have been exclusively available to licensed cosmetologists that have completed the course to become a Certified KWM Artist. They are now open to all licensed cosmetologists to shop along with an installation kit (beads, threads, C needle, hairbrush, pliers, and pulling needle). 

Kacey Welch says the company does not use any textile dyes or chemicals on the hair, which allows the option to add gloss, color and blonde. 

The launch of the Sew-In Silk Wefts comes after a successful NYFW show where The Kacey Welch Method debuted its luxury hair extensions as the exclusive hair partner for the Rebecca Minkoff presentation. The Silk Weft Clip-Ins collection which was used on the models hair are also available at

Kacey Welch’s styling has been seen in Hollywood on stars such as Goldie Hawn, Kate Hudson, Rita Ora, Ireland Baldwin, Julianne Moore, Kirsten Dunst, Kaitlyn Bristow, and influencers like Charly Jordan, Nathalie Paris, Dayna Marie, Emma Norton, Beasteater, and Daisy Keech.