ColorDesign Launches New Pearl Color Technique

ColorDesign says it is looking to redefine the term “blonde bombshell” with its new Pearl collection. The line says it aims to deliver "iridescent shimmer while providing optimum control of warmth for the most exquisite blonde shades." The collection includes four permanent shades and two ammonia-free shades. You can also use them for a dramatic effect as toners (5-10 volume developer with a 1:2 ratio) on pre-lightened hair.

Pearl Color Technique:

This technique delivers a show-stopping blonde finish with a perfect harmony of violet and ash tones that enhance and soften blonde hues. We recommend 4-6 weeks between appointments for darker-based clients, or 6-8 weeks for a highlight retouch on lighter-based clients. Toning between services to maintain the pearl tone is optimal.

Formula A (apply to back sections): Ammonia-free violet powder lightener + 20 volume ColorDesign developer

Formula B (apply to front sections): Shiny Blond clay-based lightener + 30 volume ColorDesign developer

Formula C (Lowlights): ColorDesign 8.12 + 10 volume ColorDesign developer

Formula D (Back Toner): ColorDesign Ammonia-free 9.12 + 5 volume ColorDesign developer

Formula E (Front Toner): ColorDesign Ammonia-free 9.12 + 5 volume. ColorDesign developer

Step 1: To begin, section the hair by creating a horseshoe section at the top of the head from top of eyebrow and back to crown.

Step 2: Section each side below the top section and behind the ear. Beginning in the back, take a subsection from the back of the ear to the nape using diagonal back slices. Gently backcomb and apply formula.

Step 3: At the top of the side section take a slice from the top of the remaining hair and gently backcomb and apply Formula A with the balayage technique.

Step 4: Next, move on to the side sections. Take a diagonal section along the hairline, weave babylights, applying Formula B from scalp to ends. Alternate lowlight at 3:1 ratio depending on the density of the hair.

Step 5: On top section, working in the back towards the front, take a horizontal ¼-inch weaved section and apply Formula B. Make sure to fully saturate the hair from mid-section to ends and feather the formula up toward the scalp for a natural blend. Alternate with lowlights formula C at a 3:1 ratio. Continue forward until you reach the center of the top section.

Step 6: Now move to the front and apply a micro weave at the hairline. Continue with back-to-back foils for a total of three. Then apply a teasy light feathering at the root followed by a lowlight using Formula C.

Step 7: Continue foiling with Formulas B and C at a 3:1 ratio throughout the rest of the front top section.

Step 8: After processing, rinse, then tone from crown down to the nape with Formula D, continuing to front section with Formula E.

Step 9: Process 5-20 minutes. Rinse and shampoo with ColorDesign Arctic Blonde Shampoo and condition with ColorDesign’s Reconstruction Mask.

Let’s not forget Color Design’s Shiny Blonde, a clay-based, drip-free cream lightener designed for off-the-scalp application is infused with natural oils that prevent the mixture from drying out, while creating an optimal hydrolipid balance that leaves hair soft and shiny.

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