2 Holiday Styles Your Clients Will Love

(holiday style)

Life is pretty good, isn't it? But it gets even better when you have a great hair day. Just in time for the holiday season, I am going to share some step-by-step hairstyles that can be tweaked for any hair length or texture.

The Cozy Sweater Pony



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Waves offer great texture and make it that much easier to create a fun hairstyle. This look is definitely a reason for your naturally curly girls to celebrate. Don't have a natural waves or curl to work with? This style looks great straight as well. Is your clients' curl naturally a bit tighter wave pattern? Use bolder knots to create definition for your side section. Let's get started!


Start by creating a zig-zag parting either down the center or off the natural part down to the nape.


On either side of your first section, take two small pieces from the outside of your parting—one by your zig zag parting and another from the hairline. Cross one over the other. Be sure these pieces rest far back enough on the head so that it creates enough natural tension when resting on the head like shown above.


Continue crossing small sections underneath the previous section above. The loose ends of these knots will remain under your braid, falling in line with the hair underneath your braid. This continued action will create a chain of texture. Repeat on both sides.


Collect both sides into a low ponytail. For added waes, I use a 1" iron. Wrap a piece from the back of the ponytail around at your rubber band to cover for a polished look. Loosen and separate. Spray to finish.

    Chic and Sleek

    There is something so sexy about keeping it simple. Again, this style is both straight and curl friendly. This look calls for a little less volume and a little more attention to create clean definition. If you are working with short hair, you can still achieve a very similar look by using small hair padding at the nape of the neck and tacking the hair in place rather than applying in the ponytail elastic.


    With light tension, role in twist along the front hairline on both sides.


    Create a small amount of volume at the Crown of the head and pin back to hold and place.


    Collect the remainder of the hair and place a ponytail elastic low at the base of the neck.


    Fold the ponytail in half upwards. Fold upwards one more time and pin in the center to create an upper and a lower bun. (Tip) Use two bobby pins with a hair elastic to pin the center to create your top and lower bun.


    Wrap side twists one over the other to cover the center of the ponytail. Adjust to create a little volume and balance to your silhouette. Poll hair buns outward and pin to create fullness.

      Have fun creating and making these your own!