3 Blonding Hacks That Will Save You Valuable Time

photo via Getty Images

As we approach the busiest time of the year in the salon, many stylists are looking for simple, effective ways to save time while also maximizing ticket revenue and delivering great results. Sean Godard, Redken master artist and Ulta Beauty Pro Team member, has a few tricks up his sleeve that he likes to call his 'blonding greatest hits''—fast, impactful and useable blonding techniques that you can start implementing today. 

During a recent Facebook Live, Godard shared and demonstrated some of his top tips:

1. Subtle Face Frame

Although bold, chunky face frames are trending right now, the style won't work for every client that sits in your chair. For clients who prefer something softer and more lived-in, try this technique. Tip: leaving out some pieces of hair around the hairline is important to showcase depth and add dimension

  • Start with a small, diagonal back section on the side of the head. This will lend itself to a softer look when your client pulls her hair back into a ponytail. 
  • When starting your highlight, elevate it like you're painting a balayage instead of throwing it right into a foil—this will give you room to create a softer blend with your brush. 

2. Ponytail Hack 

There's nothing better than giving your client the results they desire in the shortest amount of time. Not only does it result in a satisfied customer, but it frees up your time in your book for another client during the day. One of Godard's favorite ways to do this is a highlighting technique that delivers maximum impact without heavy lifting. 

  • Start with a C-shaped section at the top of the head and bring it down below the ear 
  • Elevate and over-direct that section towards the front, and then secure it with an elastic
  • Take small sections of the ponytail, foil them and saturate down towards the bottom
  • For added dimension, alternate strands

3. Mohawk Pattern

While the Mohawk pattern is nothing new, Godard has a tip that will change the way you approach highlights while using this pattern. 

  • Starting with the front section, elevate it and paint underneath first focusing on the blend at the hairline
  • After this, pop in the foil and paint the top of the section
  • To avoid messing up the blend at the hairline, fold the foil half way first and then the rest of the way
  • Leave no space in between that foil and your next section. Give this section a slight tease and then repeat the previous step, elevating and painting underneath first. 
  • For the third section, start teasing further down the strand to grab more hair. Then, repeat the previous step. 

To watch the full Facebook live, click here