3 Braided Updo Styles with Nogodar Martinez

From sophisticated and avant garde to more everyday, wearable styles, Nogodar Martinez has been slaying the hair game for 25 years. As Aquage artistic director and a lead facilitator at the Aquage Master Class Academy, some might call Martinez the "king of education," and he fills those shoes quite well. Earlier this week, Martinez joined us for a live braided updo demonstration and we've got all the details in case you missed it. 

Four-Strand Braid

  • Apply Aquage Uplifting Foam from roots to ends and ensure it covers every strand of hair.
  • Starting with the Aquage Detailing Brush, backcomb the front strands of hair and push the short hairs closer to the base.
  • Continue adding hair to the front section as you move towards the crown of the head.
  • Spray Aquage Finishing Spray on the sides of the head in direction of the hair's cuticle.
  • Using a rubber band with two bobby pins, secure a low pony tail at the nape and disguise with a strand of hair. 
  • Divide hair into three sections.
  • On one section, create a three-strand braid and braid all the way to the bottom. Rather than using a tiny rubber band, spray with Aquage Working Spray and press with flat-iron to seal.
  • With remaining strands, divide one of those sections into two. You should now have four strands. 
  • Repeat over-under technique as you would with a three-strand braid. 
  • Secure loosely with rubber band and then deconstruct.
  • Can be wrapped up for an updo or worn as a regular braid. 

Three-Strand Braid

  • Prep hair with Aquage Finishing Spray.
  • Apply Detailing Cream on the ends to add softness and control flyaways.
  • Take a thick section and create a base for the braid.
  • Begin a traditional three-strand braid and add in hair from underneath as you go. 
  • Repeat until you've braided the entire base strand.
  • Secure with clear elastic and spray with Aquage Finishing Spray.
  • Grab the top of the braid base and "pin" it to the side of the head with your fingers. Secure with a large bobby pin and fold the tail underneath to create a chignon. 

Tune into the video above for another exciting and detailed updo.