The 3 Types of Blowouts (and How to Perfect Them)

(3 Types of Blowouts)

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, our clients are looking to us to set them up with the best styles for their parties and gatherings. A good blowout can be the foundation to any holiday updo, or it can standalone as its own style. Mastering the salon blowout is a skill that sets you apart as a true master stylist who can service any guest and deliver the perfect finish.

So, what exactly is a salon blowout? A blowout can be either straight, wavy or curly, and the common factor among the three is shine and hold. Guests are not only looking for beautiful styles, but also styles that will last for days. What adds value to your blowout service is understanding how to achieve the desired look and how to make it last. Let’s break down these three blowouts and discover what it takes to perfect them.

STRAIGHT BLOWOUT Has your guest ever shown you an inspiration picture of Kim Kardashian’s long, silky, glass-like hair? This is one of the most highly-requested blowouts, and achieving it is as simple as selecting the right tools and products. Try applying a heat-protecting smoothing lotion like Redken Velvet Gelatine 07 Cushioning Blow Dry Gel on damp hair and blow-drying it in to smooth the cuticle with luminous shine. Using a natural bristle brush like Nick Stenson Curious Cushion Brush will provide tension and smoothness to dry the hair perfectly sleek. Hot tip: use the Cushion Brush instead of a comb when flat ironing; the natural bristles on the brush will smooth the hair and distribute natural oils while ironing for ultimate shine!


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WAVY BLOWOUT Is your guest looking for a more flirty look? A bouncy, wavy blowout will frame the face softly and add a casual-chic vibe to your guests’ style. To achieve this blowout, your clients’ hair will need some extra control. Try applying Redken Full Frame 07 All Over Volumizing Mousse and then layering on Redken Frizz Dismiss Rebel Tame Heat Protective Leave In Cream. These two products will work together to add hold to the hair while also protecting from the dryer heat and outside humidity, resulting in a bouncy, long-lasting style for your client! Use a round brush like Nick Stenson Medium Curious Round Brush to add wave to the hair while drying, and set each section in a Velcro roller to cool. Hot tip: Velcro rollers are amazing tools for blowouts, as they can set the hair without extra clips and are comfortable to use and to remove. Once complete, release the rollers from the hair to reveal shiny, bouncy waves that will last for days.

CURLY BLOWOUT Let’s not forget about our guests with naturally curly hair! First, treat their hair to a deep conditioning treatment, as this will quench curls thirst for moisture and combat dryness. The key to a beautiful finish on curly hair is applying product while the hair is soaking wet. Layering product on top of wet hair locks in all that water and moisturizes each curl so you can achieve definition and fight frizz! We love to use Redken Curvaceous Conditioner as a leave-in treatment on all curl textures—its lightweight formula moisturizes without weighing down curls. Try layering a curl-styling gel like Redken Curvaceous Spiral Lock for your guests with tighter textures that need more definition, and use a lightweight perfecting lotion like Redken Curvaceous Ringlet on guests with looser textures that just need a bit of control. Hot tip: The key to succeeding at a curly hair service is communication. Listen to your guest and listen to what has worked well for their hair, then add in your professional recommendations to collaborate with them in creating their best look!