4 Simply Stunning Styles To Fuel Your Summer Inspo

Photographer: Jenny Hands (Sally Brooks)

Less is more is the message that Sally Brooks (@sallybrookshair) wanted to convey with the images seen on these pages. “Shoot day had a really organic feel to it, enabling us to capture a moment of natural beauty and effortless style,” says Brooks, who was named the 2018 British Hairdresser of the Year and co-owns London salon Brooks and Brooks (@brookshair) with husband Jamie. One linen dress was morphed to suit the model and emotion of each image without being overpowering. Makeup emphasized natural beauty and the photography was muted and saturated so the finished look resembled a painting. “Working with natural undertones in the haircolor and simple textures that were not overworked really gave me the chance to let the hair breathe, allowing each picture to have a beautiful moment,” added Brooks. “This collection is about all the elements working together and capturing simplicity at its best.” 

To achieve this look, Sally Brooks worked with a blow-dryer and nozzle, plus hairspray, to mold the style into place and create the finished shape. 

After applying a tiny detail of color for a transparent, subtle blue, Brooks used a large tong on the hair before thoroughly brushing it and limiting volume on top. Next, she applied a small amount of wax to flatten the fringe and top, then pulled out the hair, allowing it to breathe and have natural movement.

For this textured look, Brooks used small tongs on the mid-band of the hair. After crimping the internal sections and longer hair lengths, she applied wax on the roots, a mousse on the ends and a light hairspray on the middle. “This enhances and reduces the color of the hair,” says Brooks.

Brooks loosely tonged random hair sections, squeezing them  with her hands to manipulate the texture, being careful to work with the natural movement and not contrive it. “This look is all about the chewy fringe and subtle texture that creates soft tactility and air,” says Brooks. “Limit the amount of product you use so the hair can remain soft with an air-like, frothy texture.”