The 411 On Microblading

Microblading is a form of cosmetic tattooing.

Brows are one of the hottest and fastest growing categories in beauty right now. And the latest on the brow service front is microblading. It’s a method of manually embroidering the eyebrows using an ultra-fine thin row of needles in the shape of a blade. These create micro-incisions into the skin to make fine lines that mimic natural brows, no machines required. “A form of cosmetic tattooing, microblading is a semi-permanent procedure in which pigment is used rather than ink,” says Brittani Sylvester, Founder and CEO of Microblading by GLAMD.

“The pigment used in microblading is thicker and specially formulated for the face and skin.” It’s a two-part process with the initial treatment taking about two hours and including an in-depth client consultation, pigment selection and agreement on the desired brow shape. “I have my clients come back for a minor touch-up appointment around four to six weeks after the initial appointment,” says The Eyebrow Doctor Piret Aava, CPCP.

Select clients may opt for an additional appointment about six to eight months later for a color boost. Results last one to three years depending on the client’s skin type and lifestyle, and can run up to $900. While lower-priced services are available depending on the region, “it’s not a rushed process and cannot be done in one hour. Clients should be made aware to be cautious of places that claim to do so,” says Aava. And so should potential brow artists.


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“Microblading is a form of art,” Aava states. “It can not be mastered in two days.” For salon owners who wish to offer microblading services in their establishments, Sylvester recommends “thoroughly researching and complying with all legislation in regards to cosmetic tattooing in their area, and make sure all employees performing the service are getting the best education with the highest quality products and accredited trainers.” A final piece of advice? “Practice makes perfect,” says Sylvester. “After completing the necessary microblading certification courses, it’s essential to practice, practice, practice—practice drawing brows on paper or latex skin.”

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