6 Tips to Blonde Like A Boss

(6 Tips to Blonde like a boss)

Written by Cassandra Erickson (@blondebynoon)

With the chilly air of fall quickly approaching, I have some enlightening blonding tips that will having you hanging on to summer. Here, I'm sharing six easy tips to help you level up your blonding game!



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When mixing your lightener, you want to avoid mixing too much air in the product. This can result in swelling (which can also lead to bleeding, and we’ve all been there)! I like to use a flat whisk. It is amazing for mixing lightener quickly. Don’t have a flat whisk? No problem, just use a comb! Yep, you heard me right—a comb works just as good as a flat whisk. Trust me on this and give it a try!


When mixing up lightener, I always mix two different formulas . I typically start a blonding service in the front, and I will usually use 10vol. This ensures your clients' face frame turns out flawless, and remains gentle with the low volume. My go-to lightener is Wella Blondor— it has a super creamy texture and offers consistent results.


When mixing lightener, consistency is everything. The thicker it is, the quicker it is. for a more subtle lift, mix it thinly—this allows great control of the product. When a client requires multiple scoops of lightener, always keep one scoop fresh at a time. It will keep the lighter active & it is well worth an extra walk to the back room!


When mixing the lightener for your face frame, mix it a little thicker. This can give the fine hair something to hold to ensuring that your foils stay put! But, as you read above, a thicker consistency means it will be stronger, so keep that in mind!

WHAT A TEASE (Root Shadow Dupe)

When taking your slice or weave, do a small backcomb. It doesn’t have to be a full “teasy light," but just a quick one can help defuse the base of the highlight for a more seamless effect. If you are not planning on doing any shadow toning, this is an amazing way to have that gorgeous blend at the root with no added bowl work!


I love to use small foils for the hairline. The lighter weight, the better. If they are too heavy, the weight of the foil can cause the foil to slide and possibly cause bleeding. I personally love the Framar “Back in Black” 5”x11 Pop Up Foils. They are embossed so it's like a bunch of tiny hands are holding onto each section, and they can be torn easily to make the smallest foils for our fine hair guests.  **BONUS Keep a fine-tooth and a medium-tooth weaving comb out when teasing. I use both of them on different hair densities throughout the head. The Cricket Silkomb is great—it glides through the hair beautifully!

Saying goodbye to summer isn’t easy, but we can blonde like it’s still here. Stay blonde babes! Love these tips & can’t wait to try them? Tag me in your story @BlondeBynoon