7 Steps to Create a Game of Thrones Khaleesi-Inspired Rope Braid

GOT Khaleesi

Just in time for Game of Thrones' return to HBO this Sunday, CHI Creative Artist and Executive Master Educator Amber Marie (@duchessofthedolls) shares how to get a Khaleesi-inspired pulled back rope braid, perfect for wearing to a watch party or even Coachella. “With a medieval vibe, this wavy rope braid will instantly get you into the GoT spirit,” says Marie.


  1. Create an off-center part with a comb and then divide hair for easier curling. Section in half horizontally at the occipital bone so hair is half up and half is down. Secure the top section with a large clip.
    GOT 2
  2. Starting at the back of the neck, take 1-inch sub-sections and begin curling with the CHI LAVA Spin and Curl. Spray sections with CHI Enviro 54 Hair Spray Firm Hold for added control while styling.  

    GOT 3
  3. Continue curling entire head, alternating the curl direction to create added volume and dimension. Follow this technique until all hair is curled, including the clipped top section.  

    GOT 4
  4. To create the Rope Braid (a two-strand braid), start in the front-right fringe area. Take a 2-inch section, split into two pieces and cross the front section over the back piece and twist. Continue to pick up hair from the front, cross over top to the back and twist again and continue this process, working down the hair. Make sure to twist sections clockwise and then twist over each other counter clockwise. When you reach the ends, secure completed rope braid with a small rubber band. Mist hairspray while braiding as needed to minimize fly-aways. 

    GOT 5
  5. Repeat Step 4 on the left side of the fringe area so you now have rope braids on both sides. “For fine hair, use bobby pins to secure the braid if needed to add extra volume,” says Marie.

    GOT 5
  6. Gently pull each loop of the braid to loosen and add volume to final look. “This technique is known as pancaking,” says Marie. “It focuses on making the individual braid loops fuller. Use your thumb and pointer finger to carefully pull or stretch the desired areas. You can also use the tip of a rat tail comb to lift and widen certain loops.”

    GOT 7
  7. Finish the look with additional CHI Enviro 54 Hairspray Firm Hold. Hold can 10 to 12 inches away from hair and spray evenly to set the style. For even more shine, mist with CHI Shine Infusion Hair Shine Spray for an instant, weightless sheen.


Photographer: Mohammed F. Ghanayem
Makeup: Jannette Marin
Wardrobe Styling: Jannette Marin