Adir Abergel Offers Education with Adir Presents Academy

(Adir Presents)

This year, Hollywood hair icon Adir Abergel is upping the education game with Adir Presents Academy, a modern platform to advance the artistry of hairstyling. Adir’s vision for the educational experience is to curate bespoke classes that keep the rich legacy of hairstyling inspiring and thriving through mentorship. This elevated program will feature some of the most talented global artists in the industry who, alongside Adir as moderator, will teach a specialized sector of the craft. 

The first class by Adir Presents featured global hairstylist and wigmaker extraordinaire Pablo Kuemin, who is first assistant to the legendary Eugene Souleiman and helps him craft renowned runway hair looks. He's also worked on teams with the acclaimed Guido Palau and Sam McKnight. The hands-on hair academy focused on sharing techniques and expert tips while shaping and styling wigs into real works of hair art. 

An amazing group of students from around the country attended the inaugural event to improve their craft and experience an educational environment different from the typical classroom. Each student was encouraged to go onstage to explore their craft and showcase their vision in a learning environment that was safe and judgement-free.


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Hairstylists interested in attending 2020 Adir Presents Academy will be hand-selected through an application process that focuses on content. For more information, visit Instagram account: @adir_presents