7 Curling Tools to Put the Bounce in Your Client's Style

Check out the latest curling irons and wands for putting the bounce in your client’s style.

Hot Tools

Black Gold Extra Long Tapered Curling Iron
The proprietary Black Gold surface combines the even heat distribution of 25K Gold technology with the durability of the Titanium design while nano-sized ceramic particles create an ultra-smooth, micro-shine, snag-free base, allowing hair to effortlessly glide across the styling surface. Plus, the extra-long barrel styles all hair lengths faster, especially long hair. 

Care Tip 
Wrapping a cord tightly around a curling iron when storing it will cause the wires to pull loose where the cord connects to an iron. Instead, bundle the cord and secure it with a twist tie or Velcro.—Detra Smith, Hot Tools Artistic Director


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Curling Wand
The ergonomic design of this clipless wand makes it easy to use and a breeze to maneuver. Featuring ceramic Tribostatic heating, a non-stick barrel and easy to handle design makes putting natural-looking waves and curls into modern shapes and styles effortless.

These sexy bends and waves by ARROJO put straight hair to shame.

Style Tip 
For the most natural looks try a mixture of a flat wrap, twisted wrap and a half-and-half. Perfectly uniform curl patterns don’t happen naturally, so mixing it up is a great way to make sure the look is always soft and playful, rather than forced and overdone.—Nick Arrojo, founder of ARROJO



Heat Platform Curling Iron
The updated version features an oversized MCH heater for even heat distribution and three layers of baked ceramic infused with tourmaline for high shine and long-lasting styles. Improvements to the body include combining the on/off button with the heat setting dial, allowing stylists to turn it on and to their preferred setting in one fluid motion, and repositioning of the dial to keep the wrist and thumb in one line. 

Care Tip 
Clean your iron while slightly warm if product buildup has hardened. Lightly spray a brush with nylon bristles with a tool cleaning solution like the STYLUS Thermal Tool Care Kit. Using the brush, gently scrub the barrel in a circular motion. Once the tool is clean, wipe down with a soft, damp cloth.—Vanessa Bautista, FHI Brands Artist


Ellipse 1 ½” Hairstyling Wand
A distinctive oval-shaped barrel that combines Teflon and titanium makes for the ultimate styling surface. It’s perfect for creating loose waves or effortless, undone curls on medium to long lengths. Adjustable temperature settings up to 410° F are displayed on an LED touch sensitive screen and a ceramic heater powers consistent temperatures throughout styling.

Style Tip
When wrapping hair around a curling iron or wand, leave out the ends for a more natural, undone look.—­Albert Luiz, CHI Creative Artist Team Member

Sexy Hair 

Tools Curl Lock Pro 1” Ceramic Curling Iron
With an incredibly fast 30-second heat up, this curling iron combines intuitive technology and superior styling. Dual heaters allow for even heat distribution while Smart Lock silicone strips on each side of the ceramic barrel create microtension across each strand for smoother, shinier, bouncier hair.

Clean your irons weekly for maximum benefits.—Jessica Domoney, Sexy Hair Artist

Style Tip
One of my tricks is to curl with the iron pointing down, typically starting at the root for a more consistent curl. For a tighter, more spirally curl, hold iron vertically. For a softer, larger curl, hold the iron horizontally.—Jessica Domoney, Sexy Hair Artist & owner of Glambox Artistry

Sam Villa 

Artist Series 2-in-1 Marcel Curling Iron & Wand 1”
The unique design of this multi-use concept tool transforms it from a Marcel iron to a wand with a simple touch of a button, thanks to the detachable spoon. Plus, the 1” barrel circumference has a barrel length that’s 3/4” longer than traditional irons, making it ideal for longer hair styling.

Style Tip 
More heat isn’t always better. A low 357° F is ideal for fine hair or techniques that require more working time like a figure eight curl. For color-treated hair, working at 392° F is recommended to protect the health of the client’s color. And a setting of 410° F is plenty of heat for more challenging hair textures or techniques where you’re moving fast, like a simple flat wrap around the wand for loose waves.—Andrew Carruthers, Director of Education for Sam Villa

Paul Mitchell 

Pro Tools Express ion Unclipped 3-in-1 Curling Iron A La Carte Rods
Featuring a clamp-free design, digital display and six interchangeable do-it-all ceramic barrels,  it’s easy to create loose waves, natural-looking curls and ringlets with just one tool. The Unclipped 1” Bubble Rod is perfect for tousled waves and texture while the Unclipped 0.75-1.25” Reverse Cone is great for tight curls that transition to loose curls and the Unclipped 0.75”-1.1” Oval Rod is ideal for soft undone waves.

Style Tip
For perfect loose waves, wrap hair around the Reverse Cone horizontal to the head. Then break up curls using a hairdryer for a natural look.—Lucie Doughty, Paul Mitchell Global Editorial and Digital Director