b3 Retreat: #inspiredbyB3

Over three beautiful days in June 2016, Brazilian Professionals brought together 50 social media rockstars—and b3 sponsored artists— from coast to coast for a retreat in Malibu, CA. It was a weekend all about connecting, sharing and inspiring one another. “In my almost 25 years in the industry, I have never seen anything quite like it. It was magic,” said Alfredo Lewis, Brazilian Professionals, Global Director of Education (@alfredo_lewis). “I was so uplifted and inspired by the artists that attended.”

The retreat was also an opportunity to discover from one another new ways to improve their craft and step up their social media game. Collectively, these colorists have a social media following totaling 3 million plus. “We learned that social media has made our world a lot smaller and more inclusive, and because of this, the industry is changing in a big way,” says Lewis. “Trends are being set by this group of influencers, our peers, and their trends are being driven by a community of followers that stretches far and wide.”

Check out what these attendees had to say about the retreat and what’s hot in color right now:


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Lin Phan, @bescene (211k Followers)

The entire #BESCENE team had a great time with the b3 family, and we have come home with more love and support for the product then ever. We are truly immersed in using b3 Brazilian Bond Builder in all color and lightening applications, as well as Instant Restore & Protect Reconstructor treatments in our backbar. Our team has recently seen an influx of requests for fashion roots that are wearable. People are also asking for muted colors like peaches and blues, and we are still seeing a lot of silvers. Blending with balayage is another big hit with our client base, and we are finishing with a lot of tousled and grunge-type worn looks.

Mustafa Avci, @hairsalonm (307k Followers)

Social media is a huge component of my business. I regularly post videos providing complex knowledge and techniques, in a simplified manner, so that my audience can learn and accomplish the techniques themselves. Seeing their comments and creations is my biggest motivator for delivering fresh, new ideas and trends on my social media channels. Trending for me right now are my signature waves combined with vivid and pastel toned colors. At one point, I was doing mostly natural blonde and brown hair. But I feel that incorporating vivid and pastel tones speaks to a larger crowd. 

Iris Smith, @glamiris (151k Followers)

The b3 Brazilian Bond Builder retreat was something I've never quite experienced with a beauty company in our industry. I didn't realize until mid way through the retreat, that this was something I really needed. Not wanted, but needed.

For me, delivering strong and healthy hair services are always trending because my salon specializes in major color corrections and one-day transformations. With the help of b3 Brazilian Bond Builder, every client leaves with healthier hair than what they came in with. 

Christine Silverman, @christinesilvermancolor (15.8k Followers)

It's that time of year when everyone wants to go brighter, brunettes included. Right now, what’s trending for me in Los Angeles is light, bright ribbons of blonde with an impactful pop ribbon that frames the face. What I love about b3 Brazilian Bond Builder is that the product allows me to keep everyone blonde and bright without worrying so much about what happens when they go home as it provides protection for an extended period of time. 

About b3 Brazilian Bond Builder: b3 is a professional one-step tool added to all hair color services to dramatically reduce breakage without added processing time. To learn more visit brazilianbondbuilder.com.