Barber Battle: Top Barbers Talk Social Media

Sofie Pok

Barbering and styling had long lived in separate spheres, but that divide has been narrowing in the last couple of years, thanks in huge part to social media. We talk with BaBylissPRO barbers (@BaByliss4Barbers) Sofie Pok (@staygold31), Global Educator and Platform Artist; Rob Ferrel (@robtheorginial), Global Educator and Platform Artist; and Carlos Estrella (@los_cut_it), Platform Artist about social media’s influence and importance.

Sofie Pok's creation

Q How has social media brought the barbering community closer?
SP: Before social media and technology, there was a huge split between these communities. Now both arts are open to support one another, and that is beautiful thing.


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Rob Ferrel

RF: We are closer because we’re able to see barbers’ creative work from all over the world.

CE: With social media, we are able to see and connect with barbers and hairstylists from around the world. We are able to see the type of work they do, their style and the motivation that pushes them. I have good friends that I have met attending hair shows across the country, all made possible through social media.

Rob Ferrel's creation

Q How important is it to stay engaged with your online community?
SP: With Instagram’s new algorithm being based off of activity and interactions, engagement is a must.

RF: It’s so important to stay engaged and keep my followers entertained with the art I am showing them.

CE: I always say, “Never let your client beat you to the future of your own profession,” meaning don’t ever let your client know more about your profession than you do. It is important to stay up to date with what is hot and new.

Carlos Estrella

Q What is it like to be an educator for @BaByliss4Barbers? How important is education to you?
SP: Education is so important. It allows us to grow past our comfort zones to reach new levels in our career. Every time I can be open and share my experiences, it allows me to grow personally as well. Being a part of the BaBylissPRO team has helped me become a better presenter. It is all about growing every day.

RF: I love being an educator and working with everyone on my team; they’re all so talented. Education is extremely important—it is everything.

CE: I would say it is a dream come true working for a company like BaBylissPRO. Growing up as a barber I’d watch platform artists on stage and always considered them as having made “the big leagues.” Education is key. You have to be able to know the right terminology and simple ways to get through to your audience so they can see themselves doing what you do. That is the goal.

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