Behind the Cover: Across the Spectrum

The name of ColorProof’s latest collection, Spectrum, is spot on when you consider that the company provides a wide range of products to address the needs of every hair type. “The collection represents the whole spectrum—long styles, textured styles, smooth styles—and presents a full picture of what our products can do on any hair type or hair color,” says Jim Markham, ColorProof CEO/Founder. Shot in Los Angeles at Attachment LA, the collection features four very different models. Our cover girl, an icy blonde in a short, choppy bob, is right on trend at the moment. And with so many people embracing their natural texture these days, it was a no-brainer to feature a curly-haired model and demonstrate how to optimize her curl. Of course, since ColorProof products are, first and foremost, about extending the life of any hair color service, it also made sense to feature one model sporting a vibrant shade of red and another sporting a vivid shade of blue—fashion colors that fade faster than others. Markham points out that ColorProof is unique because their products are not only formulated to “make hair color look better,” but also provide solutions for any number of problems. “Most product lines may have one or two products for color-treated hair, but what if you not only want to protect your hair color, but also add volume or define curl?” he says. “We don’t ask you to sacrifice one thing for another.” He’s not kidding. The company has something for everyone, from Baobab for hair that’s desperately in need of intense moisture and repair, to CrazySmooth, which stops frizz in its tracks. Sure, the price point is higher (the company spares no expense when it comes to sourcing quality ingredients that offer real results), but Markham is convinced that women who are dropping anywhere from $150 to $200 on color sevices are willing to pay a premium for products that protect their investment. To learn a variety of techniques that address the needs of clients whose hair is straight, wavy, curly, fine, medium or coarse, sign up for one of the 2017 Spectrum classes at You’ll even learn how to coax different looks out of our cover girl’s super-cute long, layered bob.


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