Behind the Cover Video: Sacred Beauty

Simply put, the word “nutrient” means to nourish, so it wasn’t a stretch when chemist Chuck Frank named his hair care company All-Nutrient. His idea was to provide the hair with the nutrients it needs and none of the chemicals it doesn’t. To that end, the team is constantly looking for ways to improve hair product performance through independent and collaborative lab studies based on plant-based ingredients like green tea leaf, horsetail, shea butter, yarrow, evening primrose oil, jojoba, avocado, aloe vera and chamomile flower. Aside from its line of hair care products, the company has also introduced organic permanent cream hair color with a vegetable-derived base infused with micro-proteins, amino acids, organic oils, vitamins and minerals. Sustainability is key for the family-owned company, which is based in Manchester, NH, and manufactures all of its products on site. So when we were planning our cover shoot with members of the All-Nutrient Design Team—William Whatley, Trent Day and Vince Smith—we knew we had to find a location that would reflect the company’s eco-friendly philosophy. Fortunately, Jack and Rose Herschorn, owners of The Sacred Space in Summerland, CA, offered the use of their property with its lush gardens, architectural salvage from Indonesia and Bali, and statuary from India and Nepal. The couple travels the world to source one-of-a-kind pieces that resonate with those in search of a spiritual connection—amulets and stones from street vendors in Thailand or pearls from the South China Sea. “Just the sheer amount of crystals in here, not to mention the Buddhas, some of which are extremely old, creates a vibration in this space that can be felt,” says Jack. Indeed, celebrities as diverse as Jeff Bridges, Oprah, Jada Pinkett Smith and Eckhart Tolle, author of A New Earth, have visited the shop. Choosing a cover from among the many beautiful photographs we took that day was not easy, but ultimately we went with the full, loose waves created by Vince Trent, who sprayed the hair with Raspberry Freeze Hairspray and set it with a 2-½" curling iron. Once the set cooled, he used his fingers to separate the waves and create a loose, open feel. The finishing touch: Shine + Gloss Mint.