Behind the December Cover: Technical Knockout

Reducing the time it takes to get beautiful, long-lasting color and complete gray coverage, Aloxxi is introducing ANDIAMO Express Permanent Colour. Featuring Turbo Dye Technology, ANDIAMO provides vibrant color and condition in just 10 minutes, so you can give your clients more leisure time to go with their hectic lifestyles. That theme is visually demonstrated in this month’s cover story—the photographs feature energetic movement, a distinct edge to architectural shapes and a laid-back urban feel with colors that pack a punch. With the mission to deliver a multitude of high-impact looks quickly to address today’s on-demand, fast-paced consumer lifestyle, Aloxxi’s Artistic Team—Marilyn Cole, Rocco and Peggy Wright—worked with techniques that were quick to execute, seamlessly creating on-point hair colors and styles that take your clients from the studio to the street quickly. “Today a larger group of consumers is pressed for time, and that’s no different when it comes to color services,” says Kim Donovan, Director of Marketing. Launching with 12 shades, ANDIAMO meets the needs of the market. Once the hair was done, the models moved to a desaturated, underground gym (the Aloxxi Academy transformed into a Sports Luxe set) that allowed for the intense hair colors to energize the scene. Our cover model—Marilyn Cole and Rocco created the color technique, while Rocco meticulously styled her hair—channeled her inner athlete and worked with a pro kick boxer to perfect her punch. With ANDIAMO, hairdressers can now upsell an existing color client to a premium service or convert a non-color client to one without a huge commitment. That’s what we call a knockout punch.