Behind the November Cover: Heir Apparent

Oribe Hair Care launched in 2008 with the goal of creating a new kind of hair company, designed with the most talented salon professionals and discerning customers in mind. Alex Wiederin, Creative Director of Buero New York, was chiefly responsible for curating the brand’s identity and designing the original packaging. So when it came time to redefine the brand’s aesthetic, Oribe President Daniel Kaner called up Wiederin again. The team worked to find the right visual language. They then brought in hairstylist and Oribe Global Ambassador James Pecis to bring the concept to life. “It’s a reimagined look, but not a retro one,” says Kaner. “We wanted to combine the elevated with the impactful, to create quiet and poetic moments of hair.” As a result, the models’ faces were obscured with only a peek of an ear or a nose. Ultimately, it was all about the hair. “My favorite moment of the shoot was when we achieved our first shot, which set the tone and direction,” says Wiederin. “I knew we were on our way to creating iconic images for Oribe."

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