The Benefits of Sitting Up While Shaping Brows


There’s a secret to waxing eyebrows that plays a big factor in cultivating symmetrical frames that highlight eyes. Drum roll…it’s all about sitting up! 

That’s right: The difference between shaping a good brow and a GREAT brow is positioning. If you’re just starting out, it will make all the difference in creating predictable results and growing your confidence. And if you’re an old pro, it will help finesse your sculpting and change the way you see brows. Most people shape eyebrows while a guest is lying down, hence all those thin brows, but the fuller frames everyone wants today require a different approach to preserve their length and width. When someone is lying down, their facial muscles relax, gravity takes its toll and features become distorted, which makes it harder to create a shape that will ultimately look good when standing up.

Shaping brows sitting up allows a professional to assess eyebrows in their natural state—the way others see them and the way they look when viewed in a mirror. I’ve always been an avid believer in shaping brows while sitting up. It allows you to shape symmetrical arches and better judge where brows should begin and end in relation to the other features on the face, which helps to make them proportionate—a goal we all have when grooming brows! Plus, you can better access where the arch should peak.


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Now that brows are a part of most women’s (and men’s) regular beauty routines, shaping them should be affordable and convenient. I have guests walk in at their own convenience and sit for 10 minutes to take care of business—no scheduling and rescheduling of appointments and no laying down in a back room. That’s so old school and takes too much time. The beauty is, if you have a chair, you can do brows! Trust me, if I can do it, you can too!