Q&A with Celebrity Stylist Riawna Capri

Riawna Capri (@riawna) finishes a look with MarulaOil.

Co-Owner of Nine Zero One Salon (@ninezeroone), Riawna Capri (@riawna) talks with American Salon's Senior Social/Digital Editor Courtney Bright about building your social portfolio, the importance of education and three products she can’t live without. 

Q How important is social media when it comes to building your career and maintaining your clientele?
Instagram is any artists’ portfolio and it allows any client to see your work instantly. Whether you’re a cake baker, a contractor, a painter or a hairstylist, you can showcase your work. Clients can see right then and there whether or not they want to purchase. Instagram shouldn’t be about getting followers; followers don’t pay your bills. It’s about getting clients in your chair; that is what pays the bills. So make your portfolio what you feel showcases your best work!

Q Education is huge these days. What are the biggest takeaways from @901academy? 
Since day one in 2011, we only accept 10 students at a time to our academy, and the class is always hands-on. The intimate environment allows everyone to learn at their own pace with quality one-on-one time with their instructor. We always keep up with the trends, and the four-day boot camp is such an amazing, jam-packed crash course. Everyone walks away incredibly inspired and ready to get back to the chair! 
Q Being a salon owner, how important is it for future stylists to have a social media presence and share their work?
Showcasing your work on Instagram is really the only way clients are going to sit in your chair these days. We literally have clients calling the front desk requesting an artist who is booked out for months, so we refer them to someone else. The next question they ask is, “What’s their Instagram name?” so they can see their work. Even though a certain stylist may be more seasoned and trained, the client would call back and say, “They don’t have enough pictures to look at. Who else can you recommend?” True story. Your page is your portfolio. 


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Q What is the best social media advice you can offer someone?
Hashtags are like a Google search. Use hashtags so clients can find you, like #utahhairstylist #quickextensions #hairmakeover.

Q What do you love about the MarulaOil line (@raremarula)?
I’m all about healthy hair, and MarulaOil does just that! The entire line is geared to maintaining healthy hair, even the hair spray.

Q If you could only take three products/tools to an island, what would they be?
A MarulaOil Rare Oil Treatment
for my hair and body, MarulaOil Rare Oil Intensive Masque since it’s incredibly hydrating and offers UV protection, and MarulaOil Detangling Hair Brush to gently detangle my long Bali extensions. 

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