Bobbi Brown's Smoky Eye Tip, Makeup Essentials and More

(Bobbi Brown)

Legendary Makeup Artist and businesswoman Bobbi Brown taught her first MasterClass, joining the ranks of Anna Wintour and Annie Leibovitz. Brown's intimate video class is chock full of tips and techniques, like how to find the right foundation and nail the perfect smoky eye. Here she gives the scoop on what made her do it, what to expect, and, what she always carries in her bag of tricks.

What motivated you to teach this Master Class? I have always been a fan of MasterClass. The content of the lessons, and the level at which MasterClass produces them, is incredible. When I was approached to teach a beauty class, I jumped at the chance to be able to teach a large audience of people on this platform—from aspiring makeup artists, to those that just want to learn how to enhance their natural beauty.

Why is education important to you, and important when it comes to beauty? I have always been a teacher at heart. If I didn't become a makeup artist, I wanted to be a teacher. When it comes to beauty, I have always felt that by teaching women simple tips and techniques, they could be empowered to be their own makeup artists. By teaching them to apply makeup to look like the best version of themselves, I can ultimately help them feel more confident.


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Can you give us a teaser of a hot tip you offer in the class? The correct way to apply a smokey eye is to layer colors, one over the other, making the shadows deeper and darker as you go. Many people feel you should just apply a dark black shadow to the eye, and that’s incorrect. It’s a gradual process that builds to a beautiful final product. Also, always remember to blend.

What is something you wish you could tell yourself when you were starting out as a makeup artist? It’s all going to be okay. Just because you don’t fit into the popular mold doesn’t mean you aren’t going to find your own way and be successful.

Are there any up-and-coming makeup artists that you think we should be watching? Ruby Hammer in the UK is not so much up and coming as she has already made a mark, but what she’s doing now is absolutely incredible. Also in the UK, Hannah Martin is doing unbelievable things and looks just as pretty in front of the camera as she does behind the scenes. Lastly, Mario Dedivanovic is such a nice guy, and on the cusp of amazing things. I can’t wait to see what’s next for him.

What are your thoughts on YouTube makeup tutorials by influencers? I think YouTube is a great resource for people to learn different makeup techniques visually. However, some of the techniques that are taught are not my style. I sometimes feel that social platforms encourage people to compare themselves to others, and often make people look like someone they’re not. I believe in enhancing your natural beauty, not changing your features to look like someone else.

What products are always in your makeup bag? First and foremost I always carry a moisturizer. My skin can never be too hydrated and you can’t apply makeup unless you’ve created a good base on the face. Concealer instantly makes you look more awake. A natural pink shade of blush lifts up the face, making you look pretty and healthy. Lip gloss always makes me feel polished after I put it on.