Bridal How-To Video: '70s Zigzag Ponytail

To celebrate the e-commerce and educational portal, Janine Jarman, owner of Hairroin Salons, shared her City Brides collection in our August issue. With matching instructional videos for each look, Jarman is showing hairstylists and clients different ways brides can showcase their personality through their bridal styles. 

For todays how-to video, stylists at Hairroin Salon show us a modern take on a glamorous vintage look. Perfect for the bride that likes to live large and wants it all, this style serves up some serious "Studio 54 vibes" with its glossy sleeked back front, voluminous textured ponytail pouf and braided detailing to give your bride a look that is an original party-girl classic. Watch below to see how you can create this '70s zigzag ponytail.

Get The Look: 

  • First, create a zigzag texture throughout the bottom half of the hair, leaving the top smooth.
  • Using a large hairpin, wrap a section of hair going down around the pin in a zigzag/figure eight motion. Once wrapped, heat briefly with a hair iron and then take the pin out to release the fluffy textured piece of hair. Continue until the rest of the hair has been prepped. 
  • Next, part hair down the center and apply a dime-sized amount of Davines This Is A Relaxing Moisturizing Fluid, emulsifying in hands before applying to smooth the top part of the hair (this will help create the distinction between the styles two different textures).
  • Continue by sectioning a low ponytail and leaving out two pieces at the nape of the neck (one on each side). While holding the ponytail, refine the style by going over the top with a smoothing brush.
  • To create the braided detailing, start by sectioning your ponytail into two. Follow by then taking the piece you left out on the right side, and cross it over the right ponytail, going underneath the left one. Then, take the same piece of hair back over the left ponytail and continue to zigzag it over and under the two ponytails mimicking the zigzag pattern used to create the ponytails texture. When you begin running out of length, take a piece from the left side. Continue until you leave a small tail on the underneath. 
  • Finish by securing the tails with a bobby pin tucked up underneath into the braided area, and fluff the ponytail using fingers. 


About: Janine Jarman is a nationally renowned celebrity hair stylist and the founder of Hairroin Salon LA & NYC. After graduating beauty school, Jarman steadily built a loyal client base until she was bit by the entrepreneurial bug in 2005. She purchased a failing salon and immediately re-branded and re-opened it as Hairroin Salon. In the meantime, Jarman has built her reputation as a go-to stylist for many celebrity clients, including Christina Applegate, Brittney Spears and Carmen Electra.