Bridal How-To Video: Forward Twist

Though traditional wedding dress colors—white, cream and ivory—might be the same, it doesn’t mean that every bride has to be. In celebration of bridal individuality, Janine Jarman, owner of Hairroin Salons, shared her City Brides collection in our August issue, reminding us that there’s a unique style perfect for each and every bride. We also teamed up with Jarman’s e-commerce and educational portal, to share matching instructional videos for the looks featured in the article. 

For today’s how-to video, stylists at Hairroin Salon are demonstrating the forward twist, a look that’s perfect for the bride that hates any kind of fuss and wants to feel cool and casual on her big day. It’s a simple, easy and beautiful look that’s ideally suited for our curly haired, minimalist bride. See how you can recreate this look: 

Get The Look: 

  • Prep the hair using: Oi All In One Milk, Oil Oil, Love Curl Cream and Curl Moisturising Mousse. 
  • Subsection the hair from the crown to behind the ear, and then separate the top half of the subsection. 
  • Rope braid the remaining hair at the bottom of the nape by twisting in opposite directions, and move up the head adding more hair as you go. Leave the ends out. 
  • Let the pieces at the bottom around the nape drop down for an undone look. 
  • Secure the hair at the top of the twist by using the long bobby pins from Parlour H’s Pin Kit.
  • Follow the same roping technique on one side, leaving out a few pieces at the front. Combine the ends of the side with the ends of the back and secure with a large bobby pin.
  • Repeat on the other side.
  • Add some detail to the hair in the front by gently tying big knots to the loose ends at the top—this also helps condense the hair. Add more bobby pins to create shape and accentuate the curl. 
  • Using smaller hairpins, twirl and pin in any loose pieces you don’t want down. 
  • Finish by adding glossiness with an all-over shimmering spray.

About: Janine Jarman is a nationally renowned celebrity hair stylist and the founder of Hairroin Salon LA & NYC. After graduating beauty school, Jarman steadily built a loyal client base until she was bit by the entrepreneurial bug in 2005. She purchased a failing salon and immediately re-branded and re-opened it as Hairroin Salon. In the meantime, Jarman has built her reputation as a go-to stylist for many celebrity clients, including Christina Applegate, Brittney Spears and Carmen Electra.


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